Friday, November 2, 2012

Routing done!

Ok so the board - OpenPilot Freedom - is finishing, pending final approval from a few people.  There were a few hold out connections that took some effort to route but nothing near any critical paths so I feel pretty good about it.  In the end the ground plane is completely uninterrupted and not used for any routing which was one of my main goals.

A few features:

  • 12 general purpose PWM pins (in or out), many of which also have ADC functionality.  Four are on a traditional servo header (for BEC and gimbal) and 8 are on a single row right angle header.
  • CAN transceiver for electrically robust add-ons, such as digitally connected ESCs
  • JST input pin capable of PPM, Spektrum and S.Bus
  • Two serial ports, one of which supports I2C
  • Reverse polarity protection on servo pins and serial inputs
  • Efficient switching supply provides operation from 3-17V
  • EMI filtering between radio and MCU
  • Built in radio (RFM22b) with a U.Fl. header to provide a low profile fit (without the servo header FC height is < 0.25")
  • Runs OpenPilot software

Top side 
Bottom side

Top routing layer

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