Saturday, July 5, 2014

Soldering while traveling?

I just want to comment on a trick I learnt last week.

Last week I went to Santorini and diligently packed two quads. My Flying Spark for LOS and video recording and my Hovership MHQ for FPV (or letting other people see the video stream). I thought I was pretty prepared with tons of spare parts, tools and screws:

Unfortunately when I got there, I had an issue with the MHQ:

Santorini isn't a huge island so my chances of finding an electronic repair shop were pretty slip. Luckily, one of my friends suggested a candle, so here was my soldering setup:

It turns out the trick is that because the flame has a low heat transfer efficiency compared to a normal iron things take a lot longer. Basically it took between 3-5 minutes to get the ESC wire hot enough for the solder to flow. This also resulted in warm fingers, but the results worked!


  1. Did you like santorini? I went there some years ago it is beautiful :) Need some time to get in touch with taulabs again :/

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    Before it cools, touch the connection with your finger. Ouch! Also, before the solder sets, the junction should not shift.

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